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Business & Corporate Law

We have a high-tech, low-overhead office, which allows us to offer reasonable hourly rates and fixed fees.

Business Law

Our firm represents businesses, corporations, LLCs and individuals who prefer not to pay the huge expense necessitated by in-house or large law firm corporate counsel. With more than 27 years experience representing clients ranging from start-ups to million dollar firms, we are able to provide a level of service that adds value above and beyond the industry standard.

We have a high-tech, low-overhead office, which allows us to offer reasonable hourly rates and fixed fees. You can always request a free initial consultation. If you wish, Chris will make a good old fashioned house call to visit you or your firm to get a better perception of your circumstances without a charge for travel in the local area.

We keep new, emerging, and more mature businesses, professional practices, and related persons out of trouble with preventative law practices relating to their organizational, transactional, and employment practices, policies & procedures. Our purpose is to keep you out of court. If you are unfortunate enough to commence or defend litigation, as general counsel, we are there for you when you need it.

Corporate Law

We assist clients in San Diego and throughout California with all aspects of corporations including C corporations, S corporations, 501(c)(3) Non-Profit corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLCs).

We offer fixed fee incorporations for new companies in order to provide them with peace of mind in their start-up budgeting process. Our corporate formation services include the initial incorporation, related filings with the Secretary of State, Department of Corporations, Internal Revenue Service, Franchise Tax Board, and other organizational requirements.

We also assist with the ongoing maintenance as well as the dissolution or sale of the corporation when the time is right. We work with our corporate clients to make sure all of their records are in order to maximize their value on a merger or acquisition.

In addition, we assist with contract negotiations, legal disputes, hiring and firing employees or independent consultants, annual and special meetings of the board of directors and the shareholders, minutes, resolutions and consents, and other actions necessary to protect the company and maintain the corporation’s liability shield.

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